Other Education

School Nursing Conferences and Training by the ODH School Nursing Program
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Orientation for Nurses New to Ohio Schools
Ohio Department of Health Annual Regional Conferences
Asthma Inhalers in Ohio Schools: A Train-the-Trainer for School Nurses  
Epinephrine Autoinjectors in Ohio Schools: A Train-the-Trainer for School Nurses
Webinars for Nurses Working in Ohio Schools
Training on Medication Administration

Concussion Training

Return to Learn: A Concussion Team Model provides strategies for Ohio school districts to use when implementing strategies to assist school personnel in the transition of students back to school. Materials include a handbook, a full team training webinar-style training video (1 hour 15 mins), a teacher training (30 mins), and supporting documents/handouts.

Visit the Ohio Department of Health website to access.

NASN Learning Center

Online courses and other e-learning programs specifically for school nurses.

Rates are reduced and often FREE for OASN/NASN members.

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