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NASN Elections: Ohio's Kate King Nominated for NASN President-Elect

By Joan Hlinomaz, MS, BSN, RN, NCSN posted 02-13-2021 17:09


2021 NASN Election: Meet the Candidates

Candidates listed here have completed the Nominating Committee process and are running for office.

Ballots can be cast online beginning March 15, 2021. Online voting will close on April 15, 2021 at midnight Eastern.

Kate King

2021 NASN Elections

Candidate Data and Statement of View


Kate King, DNP MS, RN, LSN

Kate King

Current NASN Affiliate: Ohio Association of School Nurses (OASN)

Major Clinical, Teaching, or Practice Area: Administration/Management, School Nurse

Education: Otterbein University, Nursing, DNP/2019; The Ohio State University, Science‐Major in Nursing, MS/1990; The University of Akron, Nursing, BSN/1982

Awards, Achievements, and Honors: March of Dimes Nurse Leader of the Year, Finalist, 2015; Columbus City Schools Educator of the Year, 2015

Employment:Columbus City Schools, Director‐Health, Family and Community Services, 2014‐Present: Responsible for administration and financial supervision of School Health, Occupational Health and District Wellness Initiative for 50,000 students and 10,000 employees.

School Health: Hire, schedule and evaluation 120 school nurses, assure compliance with state mandated health screenings and immunizations, develop, monitor and implement district programs, policies, procedures and guidelines for student and employee health, create and maintain community partnerships related to health care for students and employees.

Occupational Health Clinic: Complete 1000 annual bus driver physicals, 900‐1200 employee visits, 1000 student work permit physicals, monitor TB compliance.

District Wellness Initiative: Supervise employee and student wellness programs and initiatives, develop, implement and support policy that promotes wellness in students and employees, supervise employee wellness through the current insurance plan.

Other Significant Positions Held: School Nurse, Columbus City Schools, 2002‐Present; Adjunct Faculty‐School Nurse Licensure Program, The Ohio State University, 1993‐2003; Assistant Professor, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, 1993‐2003

Present NASN Offices/Appointments: Executive Committee, 2019‐Present; Strategic Research Committee Chair, 2019‐Present; Endowment Allocation Advisory Committee, 2019‐Present; Director, 2018‐Present; Bylaws Committee, 2018‐Present; Endowment Fundraising Committee, 2018‐Present.

Past NASN Offices/Appointments: NA

Present NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: OASN Director; OASN Legislative Committee

Past NASN Affiliate Offices/Appointments: OASN Legislative Liaison, 2014‐2018; OASN President, 2012‐2104; OASN President‐Elect, 2010‐2012; OASN Member‐At‐Large, 2009; COASN President, 2006‐2007

Present Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: Ohio School Health Services Association OSHSA‐President, 2019‐Present

Past Offices/Appointments in Other Associations: OSHSA Vice‐President, 2017‐2019

Publications Significant to School Nursing:

National Association of School Nurses. (2019). Supporting Scheduled Recess (Position Statement). Silver Spring, MD: Author.

National Association of School Nurses. (2018). School Violence – The Role of the School Nurse (Position Statement). Silver Spring, MD: Author.

King, K., (January 31, 2014). Violence in the School Setting: A School Nurse Perspective. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. 19:1, Manuscript 4.

Presentations Significant to School Nursing:

K. King. (2020). The Heart‐Led Leader: Applications to School Nurses. Professional Development Presentation, Columbus, OH.

K. King. (2019). FERPA: The Other “F” Word. Presentation at the Annual OASN Conference, Dayton, OH.

K. King (2019). School Nurses and Public Health. Presentation at the Annual Public Health Association Conference, Columbus, OH.

K. King (2019). Doctoral Project Presentation on the subject of: Creating Voice in School Nurses through Increasing Self‐Efficacy. Presentation of DNP project with outcomes, Otterbein University, Westerville, OH.

K. King. (2018). Creating Voice in School Nurses through Increasing Self‐Efficacy. DNP Project Presentation, Columbus, OH.

Research Significant to School Nursing: King, Kate, “Creating Voice in School Nurses through Increasing Self‐efficacy” (2019). Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Projects. 38.

Statement of View:

I believe in the expertise of school nurses and their ability to change and improve the lives and education of students. As a leader, I have found it essential to provide support to school nurses in: developing and revealing expertise, inclusivity and the power of the collective, creating voice through increasing self‐efficacy and developing evidence‐based practice. We must help school nurses gain knowledge and experience, and share and acknowledge expertise from one another, to continue to grow as life‐long learners. This is supported by including everyone who provides health care in schools, as well as our community health agencies, as partners and collaborators in promoting the health of students. Creating voice in school nurses is essential to implement and promote health care in schools. When we speak as a collective, with one voice, we accomplish great things. Key challenges to this work include limited resources and planning for the future. I look toward expansion and marketing of member benefits, both tangible, such as: vision vouchers; toolkits; and professional development, as well as the intangibles of supporting, belonging and contributing to a greater whole. Identifying and securing additional funding sources for our work, especially related to research and programs, is an immediate need, essential for growth. We must step up to the challenge of directing and funding research that informs our work and promotes evidence‐based practice. I would call upon all of us to peek around the corner, to be forward thinking, to plan for the changes we are already seeing in education, environments and students’ health needs. If elected to this position I will work to provide opportunities for all school nurses to contribute to the conversation of how to best provide health care for our students now and in the years to come.

This President-Elect candidate completed the Nominating Committee process.