Ohio Data

Ohio School Submission Forms

Click on each link below to submit your Ohio school and/or school district data for the 2020 - 21 School Year:

Congratulations on your hard work and persistence this school year! This has been challenging, but you have continued to advocate and care for the students of Ohio...THANK YOU!

I am aware that the last thing you want to think about now is data, but if you were able to collect data this year, sharing it will benefit our advocacy efforts in Ohio and nationally. Data allows us to help tell the story of our daily efforts and advocate for the continued needs of our children. This may seem overwhelming to think about at this time, but I'm hoping it will provide you with an opportunity to re-center and provide a sense of normalcy to the end of your school year.

What do you need to do?
1. Review the attached data collection reports (The templates are attached below for your reference)

2. Collect the data you have and complete the data collection reports

3. Complete the Every Student Counts Survey link and input your data

Click on the links provided here
School-level Health Office Visit Dispositions (Complete 1 per school) 
School-level Chronic Conditions of Students   (Complete 1 per school) 
District-level School Health Staffing Report (Complete 1 per district) 

4. Email me with any questions or help you may need to get started kstanisl@ashland.edu

You do not need to submit all of the data points to participate. Please collect and submit the data you can/have and add a new data point each year. Your data points are important to your story at the school/district level, but they are also critical in our ability to share Ohio's story. You are important to Ohio's story...we cannot do this without you!

Kimberly J. StanisloDNP, APRN-CNP, CPNP-PC, LSN