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Mission Statement

The purpose of this association shall be to promote the health and educational objectives of the local school system and of the state and nation; to protect the welfare and advance the interests of its members; to foster professional attitudes; to promote continuing professional education; and establish and maintain helpful friendly relationships within the membership. The association shall cooperate with the purposes of the Ohio Association of School Nurses and the National Association of School Nurse.

Message from the COASN President

Welcome to the new, collaborative location for COASN! This demonstrates our shared resources and mission of school nurses, adding to our professional presence.

It’s summer…as the COVID-19 pandemic ebbs, a time for restoration and reflection for all of us. One thing is certain-the public, including school boards, administrators, fellow educators, and parents, have a much greater awareness of the importance and resourcefulness of school nurses! It is now a priority for all of us to keep up our visibility. Stay on the stage, don’t head behind the curtain. Use your voice and presence as we continue to demonstrate the relevant connection between student learning and health. Maintain those partnerships and relationships that you have formed with administrators, school boards, public health colleagues, EMS, and local healthcare providers. Help others understand what makes a school nurse (see……). Establish and maintain a dialogue with your legislators. Advocate for those who are unseen: students and families who struggle with challenges of socioeconomic status, violence/trauma, implicit bias and systemic racism, immigrants, and our LGBTQ+ community. Promote safety through healthy relationships, conflict resolution skills, and re-establishing social norms. This is a unique time in history, where school nurses will continue to have a major impact on student outcomes and strong communities.

Mark your calendars for November 10th-our fall meeting will include a long overdue opportunity to reconnect our community of school nursing colleagues. We have invited our guest speaker from Kaleidoscope Youth Center to learn ways to affect change and support our LGBTQ+ students and staff, creating a safe space to work and learn. If you are unable to join us in person this time, we will livestream this presentation.

This spring, OASN will be hosting our annual conference right here in Central Ohio. We look forward to working together with colleagues throughout the state to continue our professional growth and success.

Enjoy your downtime this summer. And as you do, know that the lessons learned during the past 15 months will only make us wiser and better prepared!

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Champaign | Coshocton | Delaware | Fairfield | Fayette | Franklin | Holmes | Knox | Licking | Logan | Madison | Marion | Morrow | Muskingum | Pickaway | Ross | Union

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Central Ohio Association of School Nurses


P.O. Box 2682
Columbus, Ohio 43216


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Board of Director Meetings
BOD Meeting - August 4, 2021, 4:30 PM

Membership Meetings
2021 Fall Dinner Meeting - Wednesday, November 10, 2021 4:30 PM (Social Meet & Greet), 5:00 PM Dinner, 5:45 - 6:45 PM Educational Presentation - LGBTQ,
Location: Villa Milano, 1630 Schrock Rd, Columbus, OH 43229


Executive Board

President: Lisa Fleege lisa@fleege.com
President Elect/Nominations: Janice Walsh
VP & Programs: Ginny Shaffer
Secretary: Kim Fackler
Treasurer/Finance committee: Lisa Marie Toombs

Committee Chairs

Membership/Website/PR: Sarah Bartczak 
OASN Rep: Edna Wright
Research/Awards: Wendy Siegel
Hospitality: Taya Griffith
Legislation: Chris Morford
Library/Historian: Open
Fundraising: Open