• Sarah's Law for Seizure Safe Schools

    Legislative Update for OASN: House Bill 33 requires each public and chartered nonpublic school to create an individualized seizure action plan for each enrolled student who has an active seizure disorder diagnosis. It must be created by the school nurse in collaboration with student's parent/guardian.

    Here is a brief synopsis of HB33 to assist you with implementation.

    ORC 3313.7117. Individualized seizure action plans/Sarah’s Law
    Summary of items outlined in the law:
    1. Individualized Seizure Action Plans
    1.1. Effective Oct. 3, 2023.
    1.2. Requires a school nurse (or another school employee designated by a school if there is no
    school nurse employed by the school) to collaborate with the parents/guardian to create an
    individualized seizure action plan (SAP) which will include:
    1.2.1. A written signed request by the parent/guardian to have one or more drugs prescribed
    for a seizure disorder administered to the student.
    1.2.2. A written statement by the treating practitioner for drug information for each drug
    prescribed in accordance with ORC 3313.713.
    1.2.3. “Active seizure disorder diagnosis” means epilepsy diagnosis currently documented by a
    treating healthcare provider/prescriber.
    1.3. The school nurse or a school administrator, if a school does not employ a school nurse, shall
    notify all employees, contractors and volunteers that work with the student of the SAP if they do
    any of the following:
    1.3.1. Regularly interact with the student.
    1.3.2. Have legitimate educational interest or is responsible for direct supervision.
    1.3.3. Is responsible for transportation.
    1.4. The school nurse (or alternative employee) will notify all school employees, contractors and
    volunteers who regularly interact with the student in writing of the existence and content of the
    seizure action plan.
    1.5. The school nurse (or alternative employee) coordinates seizure disorder care at the school and
    ensures all staff who interact with the student receive necessary training.
    1.6. Schools and districts must renew each seizure action plan at the beginning of each school year.
    1.7. Schools are responsible for maintaining the seizure action plan in the school nurse or
    administrator’s office.
    2. Seizure Training Requirements
    2.1. The school nurse or a school administrator, if a school does not employ a school nurse, shall
    identify the individuals who must have training for administration of the seizure drugs.
    2.1.1. A drug prescribed for seizure disorder care will be provided to the school nurse or
    another person at the school (if the school does not employ a school nurse) who is
    trained to administer the drug to the student. The drug will be provided in the container
    in which it was dispensed by the prescriber or licensed pharmacist.
    2.2. A school district or governing authority of a chartered nonpublic school shall designate at least
    one employee at each school building it operates, in addition to the school nurse, to be trained
    on the implementation of seizure action plans every two years and the training must address:
    2.2.1. Recognizing s/s of a seizure.
    2.2.2. The appropriate treatment for treating a student who exhibits the s/s of a seizure.
    2.2.3. Administering drugs prescribed for seizure disorder.
    2.2.4. Will not exceed 1 hour and will count toward PD for renewal of educator licenses (free of
    2.3. Additionally, the following positions employed by a school must receive a minimum of 1 hour of
    training (self-study or live) on seizure disorder by October 3, 2025:
    2.3.1. Administrator.
    2.3.2. Guidance counselor.
    2.3.3. Teacher.
    2.3.4. Bus driver.
    2.4. Administrators, guidance counselors, teachers and bus drivers employed after October 3, 2023
    must complete the training within 90 days of employment.

    Please read the HB 33 Legislative Update for OASN for more details. Estimated Effective Date October 2, 2023.

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