• Sarah's Law for Seizure Safe Schools

    Legislative Update for OASN: House Bill 33 requires each public and chartered nonpublic school to create an individualized seizure action plan for each enrolled student who has an active seizure disorder diagnosis. It must be created by the school nurse in collaboration with student's parent/guardian.

    Here is a brief synopsis of HB33 to assist you with implementation.

    ORC 3313.7117. Individualized seizure action plans/Sarah’s Law
    Summary of items outlined in the law:
    1. Individualized Seizure Action Plans
    1.1. Effective Oct. 3, 2023.
    1.2. Requires a school nurse (or another school employee designated by a school if there is no
    school nurse employed by the school) to collaborate with the parents/guardian to create an
    individualized seizure action plan (SAP) which will include:
    1.2.1. A written signed request by the parent/guardian to have one or more drugs prescribed
    for a seizure disorder administered to the student.
    1.2.2. A written statement by the treating practitioner for drug information for each drug
    prescribed in accordance with ORC 3313.713.
    1.2.3. “Active seizure disorder diagnosis” means epilepsy diagnosis currently documented by a
    treating healthcare provider/prescriber.
    1.3. The school nurse or a school administrator, if a school does not employ a school nurse, shall
    notify all employees, contractors and volunteers that work with the student of the SAP if they do
    any of the following:
    1.3.1. Regularly interact with the student.
    1.3.2. Have legitimate educational interest or is responsible for direct supervision.
    1.3.3. Is responsible for transportation.
    1.4. The school nurse (or alternative employee) will notify all school employees, contractors and
    volunteers who regularly interact with the student in writing of the existence and content of the
    seizure action plan.
    1.5. The school nurse (or alternative employee) coordinates seizure disorder care at the school and
    ensures all staff who interact with the student receive necessary training.
    1.6. Schools and districts must renew each seizure action plan at the beginning of each school year.
    1.7. Schools are responsible for maintaining the seizure action plan in the school nurse or
    administrator’s office.
    2. Seizure Training Requirements
    2.1. The school nurse or a school administrator, if a school does not employ a school nurse, shall
    identify the individuals who must have training for administration of the seizure drugs.
    2.1.1. A drug prescribed for seizure disorder care will be provided to the school nurse or
    another person at the school (if the school does not employ a school nurse) who is
    trained to administer the drug to the student. The drug will be provided in the container
    in which it was dispensed by the prescriber or licensed pharmacist.
    2.2. A school district or governing authority of a chartered nonpublic school shall designate at least
    one employee at each school building it operates, in addition to the school nurse, to be trained
    on the implementation of seizure action plans every two years and the training must address:
    2.2.1. Recognizing s/s of a seizure.
    2.2.2. The appropriate treatment for treating a student who exhibits the s/s of a seizure.
    2.2.3. Administering drugs prescribed for seizure disorder.
    2.2.4. Will not exceed 1 hour and will count toward PD for renewal of educator licenses (free of
    2.3. Additionally, the following positions employed by a school must receive a minimum of 1 hour of
    training (self-study or live) on seizure disorder by October 3, 2025:
    2.3.1. Administrator.
    2.3.2. Guidance counselor.
    2.3.3. Teacher.
    2.3.4. Bus driver.
    2.4. Administrators, guidance counselors, teachers and bus drivers employed after October 3, 2023
    must complete the training within 90 days of employment.

    Please read the HB 33 Legislative Update for OASN for more details. Estimated Effective Date October 2, 2023.

    Below are some helpful resources: 

    Epilepsy Foundation

    Epilepsy Courses for School Nurses

    On-Demand Seizure First Aid Training for School Personnel

    Rescue Video Medication Demonstrations

  • Kelly Wagner OASN 2023 School Nurse of the Year

    Kelly Wagner, Ohio Department of Education Licensed School Nurse at Dempsey Middle School, is this year’s Ohio Association of School Nurses (OASN) 2023 School Nurse of the Year. Kelly has been a School Nurse for 16 years, serving the Dempsey school community in the Delaware City Schools District for the past 9 years and the entire River Valley Local Schools District for 7 years prior. She is currently the School Nurse Coordinator for Delaware City Schools District which has a student population of approximately 5,500 K-12 students. Kelly is a Nationally Certified School Nurse having achieved professional recognition of expertise in the specialty of school nursing.

    “I am incredibly humbled and honored to be named Ohio’s School Nurse of the Year," said Wagner. “It is a tremendous feeling when your peers recognize and acknowledge the passion, professionalism, and heart that you put into your work. I am so grateful for and blessed by my fellow school nurse colleagues who continuously inspire and push me to be better all the time!”

    Kelly served as OASN President for two years (2020-2022) leading Ohio school nurses through the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and was instrumental in planning OASN’s return to an in-person conference in 2022. Kelly continues her involvement with OASN as Chair of the OASN Education and Endowment Advisory Committee and planning this year’s OASN Annual Conference which will celebrate the 50 years OASN has been a professional organization for Ohio school nurses.

    Kelly graduated from Ohio State University (OSU) with her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing where she played the trumpet in OSU’s Marching Band (TBDBITL) and was squad leader her last year. She holds her Masters in Education, Health and Wellness from the American College of Education.

    On Friday, April 14th, at the annual OASN Conference, Kelly will be recognized for this achievement and will also receive the Excellence in School Nursing Award for Ohio through the National Association of School Nurses in June.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics NEW Obesity Guidelines

    The American Academy of Pediatrics earlier this month released the first comprehensive guidelines in 15 years for evaluating and treating children with obesity.
  • ODH Update on School Nurse Consultant Staff

    ODH School Nursing Program Staff Update
    The ODH School Nursing program is pleased to provide you with an update on School Nurse Consultant staff.
    As you may know, we have received ARPA funding to hire Regional School Nurse Consultants to provide additional technical assistance and support across the state. In addition, we have added State School Nurse positions. Welcome to all of the School Nursing program staff that have joined us since March!
    Please see the map below to learn which is your Regional School Nurse Consultant. Contact information for all School Nursing Program staff may be found below. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time!

    State School Nurse Consultants:
    Rita Schank rita.schank3@odh.ohio.gov 614-466-6337
    Joan Hlinomaz joan.hlinomaz@odh.ohio.gov 614-728-4882
    Camara Scott (ARPA) camara.scott@odh.ohio.gov 380-215-2284
    Lisa Montgomery (Part time) lisa.montgomery@odh.ohio.gov 380-203-5720
    Ann Connelly ann.connelly@odh.oho.gov 614-728-0386

    Regional School Nurse Consultants:
    NW OH Region 1 Jill Beach jill.beach@odh.ohio.gov 614-752-6780
    NE OH Region 2 Toni Wilhelm toni.wilhelm@odh.oho.gov 614-644-0176
    SE OH Region 4 Jessica Wuebker jessica.wuebker@odh.ohio.gov 614-995-4520
    SW OH Region 5 Sheri Johnson sheri.johnson2@odh.ohio.gov 380-215-2287
    Unfortunately, the Region 3 Central Ohio consultant position is currently vacant. Please feel free to reach out to Camara Scott if you are in that region until that position is filled.

    Administrative Assistant:
    Susan Walker susan.walker@odh.ohio.gov 614-466-1930ODH

  • School Nurses Recognized by The Plain Dealer & cleveland.com as Top Nurses

    Susan Kramer, RN, BSN, LSN was awarded the 10 Top Nurses for 2022 in Northeast Ohio!  Susan was nominated by Laurel School, where she worked for 21 years, and chosen out of 165 nominations from a voting review board sponsored by The Plain Dealer and cleveland.com.  Laurel School wrote this about her:

    From allergic reactions to icing boo-boos, Nurse Susan Kramer has shown 21 years of dedication to the safety and health of Laurel School students, faculty, and staff. 

    In 2010, she was recognized for her work in establishing a diabetes protocol allowing students to manage their disease safely at school. Part of this protocol is ensuring faculty are trained and knowledgeable about the children in their care. Because of this, there was an award established in her name by two Laurel Parents called the “Susan Kramer Award for Excellence in School Nursing” by the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland. In 2019, she was elected as Vice President of the Ohio Association of School Nurses by its membership party.

    In the Spring of 2020, Nurse Kramer’s job became infinitely more complex. Her calm, thoughtful and thorough dedication to the health of the Laurel community was instrumental in moving the school through the pandemic safely. For this, Nurse Kramer received the Above and Beyond Award at Laurel for her "unflappable, smart, wise, calm" mission to keep COVID-19 far from Laurel.

    Nurse Kramer has shown constant commitment to the safety of the Laurel community. There is no better nurse more deserving of the Top Nurses Award! 

    Susan was featured in Cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer and pictured at the Top Nurses Award Ceremony on September 22, 2022 at the Music Box.

    Susan wrote, "School nursing is the single best job in the world. Watching her students grow and mature has been one of the greatest joys of her life."

    Congratulations to the other school nurses who were also nominated:

    Jenny Kucera, LPN- Broadmoor School
    Sharon Pickett, RN, BSN- St. Mark School
    Lisa Werner, RN- Brunswick City School District